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Pieter Nel is the CTO of CloudFactory, where he leads the product and technology teams in building the company’s human-in-the-loop AI platform supporting clients’ AI training data needs. He is an expert in artificial intelligence and digital strategy and, as an executive and entrepreneur, has leadership experience in a combination of Global 500 and startup companies across three continents.

Before CloudFactory, Pieter was the CTO at fintech infrastructure company Ocrolus based in New York City, scaling its human-in-the-loop AI document processing product. He spent time at McKinsey & Co, advising clients on AI strategy and co-authoring many of the Firm’s research studies on the global impact and economic opportunities of enterprise adoption of AI. As COO, he grew New York-based mobile live streaming company YouNow into a worldwide player with 100 million monthly user sessions across four continents. He has advised Tencent on the launch and growth of its mobile products in Africa. In addition, he was CTO at MXit, the world’s first mobile instant messaging company, where he oversaw a team that grew the company to 40 million users in Africa and South East Asia. He has participated in raising over $110m of venture capital investment from top funds across multiple startups.

Pieter graduated from MIT’s Sloan Fellows executive MBA program, where he focused on emerging markets and digital strategy. He holds an M.Sc.Eng and B.Eng. both in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa, where his research was on machine learning, and artificial intelligence applied to speech recognition. He is a Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. In addition, he draws leadership inspiration from his time as a technical mountain rescue volunteer, yacht skipper, and pilot.


You can contact me at the address below. I still use PGP and you can find my key at My fingerprint is: 7C36 1FE9 4BFB 9553 0E35 3F05 9919 7CA3 1F78 1DBA